Super Awesome Trafo Trailer

We are glad to take part in this year´s Music Hack Day in Berlin, so here´s our suggestion:
Let´s Build a Super Awesome Trafo Music Trailer

Berlin Music hack Day

Trafo Pop is a collective of creatives and cylists

We do Night Rides through Berlin, do workshops, build jackest – we even organize our own Wearable Tech called called Wear It this October. We have fun doing that stuff and hopefully we can engage you joining our crew!

Wifi control LED Jackets and lights via a Music stream

We invite you to take part in our collective and help us building a Super Awesome Trafo Techno Trailer we can use for our rides. So at the end of the Hackathon we can do a Ride together and actually use the Trafo Trailer and see it working.

So here´s what we have for you guys:

  • We have a fully controllable LED Jacket that works with arduino or with a Teensy and has a build in Wlan, you can also use a Raspberry Pi
  • It can even be controlled via SMS messages or Twitter
  • all  software for controlling the LED Matrix is on github for you
  • We have Rasberry Pi´s, Arduinos, Teensys and other stuff you might need to build the Trailer and to pimp the Jacket
  • We have a Disco Ball and Soundsystem, that can be feed by you guys using API´s or what ever, Ickstream will be there to assist you!
Check our Github Repository

Watch a little tech demonstration of our latest Text to Jacket Twitter integration:

Do you have any questions?

Do not hessitate to get in touch with us, we are looking forward to talking to you!